Expert solutions for your lifting needs
Expert solutions for your lifting needs
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8 tonne capacity tandem scissor lift table
6 tonne capacity  Tandem scissor lift table
Air cargo handling with inbuilt cargo weighing system at a USAF site using a single scissor lift table.

Air cargo handling with inbuilt cargo weighing system at a USAF site using a single scissor lift table.

System is able to weigh from 5 kg to 10 tonnes, ensuring that the total cargo on aircraft is correctly weighed and distributed.

Tecmach Scissor lift with converyors installed at Parker Timber at scaffold board packing station Tandem work access platform with fixed and chain handrails

Working platform

Tandem scissor lift table fitted with fixed handrail and chain handrails for a working platform

Example of Disabled access lift installed in Glasgow at  premises with listed building status.

Lift gives access from pavement level  to entrance level.  When not in use the lift parks out of sight  in basement open area.  

This scissor lift platform was finished with stainless trim and handrails, glass panels and stone clad floor.

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airline food trolley loading station Manual handling solution - Bakery hopper filling station 25 kg sacks
Food Industry - Bakery - reducing manual handling
Bring the product to the operator - The operators are loading seed product into a hopper.  
The pallets are moved with a pallet truck and placed on the low profile lift which is used to lift the pallet to a comformtable working height for the operators to lift the 25 kg sacks and empty them into the hopper.

The low profile lift that has a closed height of 80 m and in this case has been installed in a shallow  pit, alternatively a ramp can be used.  The platform has a stainless steel cover.

We have built scissor tables for many special applications, examples are  a lift to change the height of clay pigeon traps, a lift to raise the  Werlitzer organ console at Stockport town hall, stacking machine on a titanium rolling mill.

The pigeon trap lift allows them to vary the trajectory of the clay easily and quickly adding interest to the shoot.

The Organ console lift at Stockport Town Hall raises the organist in true cinema fashion up through the floor to stage height or to a height of 2m above stage level.  The organist can be playing the Werlitzer while being raised.

The Stacking lift is at the end of the rolling mill processing line where the hot titanium ingots are stacked in blocks 9 m long, 1 m high and 1.2 m wide whilst cooling and before being transported to the stock area.

We also supply scissor lift tables to more mundane applications although equally important, such as at the beginning of a production line where the empty whisky bottle boxes are unwrapped and enter the bottling line.  At the end of the bottling line boxes of 6,12 or 24 bottle boxes of full whisky bottles are stacked on pallets ready for distribution.  Even these simple lifting stacking operations allow working to be simpler safer, faster and more efficient.

Disabled / wheel chair access lifts have been installed in a variety of buildings including private residences, government offices, shops and factories.  See fourth picture below.

A challenge for you  - Have you a level change application that is new to us?

Food Industry

Low profile lift table with ramp used in factory

making airline food.  The lift is in the tray loading

area.   This saves the operatives a lot of bending

to put trays in the trolleys and speeds up operation.

We can supply tables in stainless steel.

Single scissor lift table with conveyors installed at Parker Timber.

After the scaffold board end-band nailing station the operators build packs of scaffold boards 1200 x 1200 x 3900 mm.  Inclusion of the lift table increases efficiency and decreases operator fatigue.

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